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Trial Opening of Mainland Tourist Transits in Taiwan Highlights Results of Ma-Xi Meeting

  • Date:2016-01-05

January 5, 2016
No. 2

1. After the holding of the Ma-Xi Meeting, the government welcomes follow-up cross-strait communication on the issue of Mainland tourist transits in Taiwan and is glad to see its realization: This afternoon (January 5, 2016), the Mainland announced that Mainland residents from the three cities of Nanchang, Kunming, Chongqing would be allowed on a trial basis to transit at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. The MAC stated that, during the meeting between the leaders of the two sides held last November (2015), President Ma Ying-jeou expressed particular concern over the issue of Mainland tourist transits in Taiwan and hoped for the Mainland to promptly promote the policy. After the meeting, the MAC and the SEF remained in contact and communication on the issue with the Mainland through various channels and were glad to see the Mainland’s goodwill. The SEF and the ARATS will further liaise to complete related preparatory work in hope that, shortly after trial period operations are underway and operational experiences have been accumulated, comprehensive opening of Mainland resident transits in Taiwan may be implemented.

2. The government is actively promoting mutually benefitting issues that are conducive to cross-strait relations such as Mainland tourist transits in Taiwan so as to enhance the well-being of the people on both sides: The MAC pointed out that, the two sides have discussed the Mainland tourist transits in Taiwan issue for a number of years, and believe it will help the development of the cross-strait civil aviation industry and facilitate further exchanges between people on both sides. The meeting between the leaders of the two sides last year further promoted benign development in cross-strait relations and pushed forward gradual and steady progress on related issues. Over the past month or so, the two sides have increased quota and expanded the scope of provinces and cities for Mainland vocational college graduates to study in Taiwan universities; a hotline has been established and launched between the heads of cross-strait competent authorities last December 30; the Cross-Strait Collaboration Agreement on Flight Safety and Airworthiness has come into effect at the end of last year; and the two sides are currently under positive negotiation on issues such as the Trade in Goods Agreement, Dispute Settlement Agreement, and SEF-ARATS reciprocal establishment of institutions. Today, the progress achieved to allow Mainland tourist transits in Taiwan further demonstrate that the two sides should continue to expand exchanges, promote win-win results for both sides, and create benefits for people across the Strait on the basis of peaceful cross-strait development.