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MAC Convenes Ad Hoc Meeting and Will Send a Delegation to the Mainland Next Week to Discuss the Matter of the Deportation of Taiwanese Nationals in Kenya to the Mainland and Seek the Best Interests of the People

  • Date:2016-04-15

Date: April 15, 2016
MAC Press Release No. 29

The Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) convened an ad hoc meeting this morning (April 15, 2016) on the deportation of Taiwanese nationals in Kenya to the Mainland. During the meeting, the MAC established a task force to study and discuss the formation of a delegation to go to the Mainland, assistance to family members, and the establishment a general mode for handling future cases involving cross-strait cooperation in combating transnational crime.

The MAC indicated that the Taiwan task force is joined by representatives of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB), Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF), and MAC. Last night, the Mainland side sent another letter welcoming Taiwan to send a delegation to the Mainland. After intensive contact between the the relevant departments of the two sides this morning, Taiwan decided to send a delegation to the Mainland as early as next Monday for the first consultation on this case and to discuss related follow-up issues.

The MAC explained that the Mainland notified Taiwan on April 11 and 14 regarding the deportation of 45 Taiwan nationals to the Mainland, according to stipulations in the Agreement on Joint Cross-Strait Crime-Fighting and Mutual Judicial Assistance. The Taiwan side immediately informed the families of the involved parties. The SEF also continues to maintain contact with family members. The MAC stressed that during the ad hoc meeting the SEF was designated as the contact window for assistance to families.

The MAC stated that the ad hoc meeting also studied and discussed the handling of a media report that 52 Taiwanese suspects in Malaysia may be deported to the Mainland. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is actively negotiating with Malaysia and the MOJ, CIB, and MAC are communicating with the Mainland through liaison channels. The government will inform the public of any further developments.