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Taiwan Extends Gratitude towards the Mainland for Donations to Assist Earthquake Rescue and Relief

  • Date:2016-02-08

February 8, 2016
No. 15

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck southern Taiwan on the morning of February 6, resulting in significant loss of lives and assets. The Mainland promptly conveyed their sympathy and condolences to Taiwan through the ARATS and expressed willingness to provide any support and assistance necessary. To further relieve and help disaster victims, the Mainland informed the SEF today (February 8, 2016) that donations of RMB 1 million from Beichuan and Lushan of Sichuan Province, respectively, adding up to RMB 2 million had been sent through the Mainland's Red Cross Society to facilitate relief and reconstruction work in Taiwan.

The Mainland Affairs Council expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Mainland side for their generous contributions in the spirit of solidarity, and also for their concern and compassion towards disaster victims in Taiwan.