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Why is there a need to verify documents issued in the Mainland Area?

(1) There is a need to ensure the validity of Mainland-issued documents that involve the rights of the people on both sides of the Strait and to ensure convenience in using these documents, as well as to maintain public trust in the document verification process and to guarantee the interests of the genuine beneficiaries. Therefore, the government has entrusted the Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) to provide document verification services.

(2) Based on the Agreement on the Use and Verification of Certificates of Authentication Across the Taiwan Strait signed by the SEF and the ARATS, when doubts arise from Taiwanese competent authorities on Mainland issued documents, the SEF will write to the Mainland’s China Public Notary Association for further assistance to verify the authenticity of the documents. Once a response is received certifying forgery action of said documents, the SEF and competent authorities concerned shall then both report to the related police agencies or the prosecutor's office for investigation to prevent unlawful acts.