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Mainland Affairs Council

News Release

Opening Remarks at the International Symposium on "Relations across the Taiwan Strait: Retrospective and Prospects for Future Development"2015-07-13
ROC Government Reiterates Discontent towards the Mainland for its Unilateral Approval of the "National Security Law"; an Action that Ignores Cross-Strait Reality and Disregards Public Opinion in Taiwan2015-07-01
MAC: Majority Affirms Numerous Results of the "Hsia-Zhang Meeting" and Their Contribution to the Efficient Handling of Cross-Strait Affairs 2015-06-05
MAC Calls on Mainland China to Squarely Face the Tiananmen Square Incident and Carry out Reforms with Determination so as to Meet the People’s Demand for Freedom, Democracy, Rule of Law and Human Rights2015-06-03
MAC Invites Kinmen Industry Representatives to Forum; TAO Participates and Agrees to Strengthen Coordination on Kinmen-related Issue2015-05-24
Third Meeting between Heads of Cross-Strait Competent Authorities Held in Kinmen: Both Sides Insist on Building Momentum for Cross-Strait Developments and Creating More Palpable Achievements on the "1992 Consensus" Basis2015-05-23
MAC: Majority of the Public Support Maintaining the Cross-Strait Status Quo of "No Unification, No Independence, and No Use of Force" and Promoting Cross-Strait Official Interactions and Institutionalized Negotiations under the ROC Constitution Framework2015-05-09
President Ma Addresses the MAC and Expresses Hopes for Sustainable Cross-Strait Peace and Prosperity to be Achieved on the “1992 Consensus of one China, with Respective Interpretations” Basis2015-04-29
Taiwan LOI for AIIB Membership Sent to the Mainland to Create Favorable Conditions for Regional Economic Integration2015-03-31
The Government Has Secured Taiwan's Rights and Interests through Cross-Strait M503 Air Route Consultations and Respected Congressional Oversight2015-03-27
Majority of the Public Support Preliminary Results Acquired through the Government's Handling of the Mainland's M503 and Other Routes’ Establishment, Believe the Executive Yuan’s Cross-Strait Agreement Supervisory Act Version Beneficial to Improving Congressional Oversight, Openness and Transparency, and Hope for Legislation to be Completed as Soon as Possible2015-03-23
Mainland Should Squarely Face Cross-Strait Reality, Protect Rights and Interests of Taiwanese Businesspeople, and Actively Promote Cross-Strait Follow-Up Negotiations2015-03-15
Mainland Should Face Realities Across the Strait, Respect the Choice, Rights and Interests of the People of Taiwan, and Pragmatically Promote the Development of Cross-Strait Relations2015-03-13
International Visitors Affirm the Government's Mainland Policy2015-02-23
Cross-Strait Communication on Joint Research Preparations Commenced2015-01-19
Mainstream Public Supports MAC in Continued Promotion of Institutionalized Cross-Strait Negotiations2014-12-25
Sound Environment for Cross-Strait Peace and Prosperity Established by ROC’s Mainland Policy; Peace Dividends Affirmed by both Domestically and Internationally2014-12-21
MAC: Majority of the Public Believe the Reiteration of "1992 Consensus" by Both Sides Conducive to Peaceful and Stable Development across the Strait and Support the Results Achieved at the Recent "Wang-Zhang Meeting"2014-12-11
Minister Wang Attended Symposium with Beijing Scholars: Two Sides Should Seize Opportunities, Seek Progress Amidst Stability, and Demonstrate Concrete Results in Following Cross-Strait Interactions2014-11-12
Two Sides at "Wang-Zhang Meeting" Expressed the Importance of "1992 consensus" for Cross-Strait Developments and Reached Consensus to Actively Promote Following Negotiations, Mainland Tourist Transits in Taiwan, and Joint Research on Regional Economic Integration2014-11-12
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